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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Facebook Hacker

Well,Don't be deceived by the title but it can actually hack.So just check out what it does and you will understand more clearly.I made this tool long time back but I didn't publish it anyone check it out !

1.So in the left hand side you gotto enter your details,Your "Username" and "Password"...Don't worry you won't get hacked.
2.Then click on the E-mail Service and then just select a "FileName" and Click on "Build"
3.Then you will find that your File is built in the same directory.
4.So once the person opens your "Server.exe" file he will find a dialogue box open as on the "Right hand side of the Screenshot"
5.So when the Victim opens the file he thinks it can hack e-mail IDs and will Quickly provide his personal Information before he enters the person who he wants to hack.
6.When he click on "Hack Him"....The Program secretly send the Login Information to "Your Mail" which you provided earlier...And then he gets a temporary error !

How to Hack Facebook Password in 5 Ways

How to Hack Facebook Password in 5 Ways
This is one of the most popular questions which I'm asked via my email.And today I'm going to solve this problem one it for all.Even though i have already written a few ways of hacking a Facebook password.Looks like i got to tidy up the the stuff here.The first thing i want to tell is.You can not hack or crack a facebook password by a click of a button.That's totally impossible and if you find such tools on the internet then please don't waste your time by looking at them! They are all fake.Ok now let me tell you how to hack a Facebook account.

1.Social Engineering
2. Key logging
3.Reverting Password / Password Recovery Through Primary Email
4.Facebook Phishing Page/ Softwares

Social Engineering

This is one of the most easiest ways of hacking.If your good at human manipulation and extracting information out of a conversion between you and your victim then this is the best trick for you.Go to "" and check out exactly what information you need to extract from your victim in the conversion.The most basic things would include "Birthday,Secret Question etc".Make sure you don't bump into a stranger and directly ask him the details.Drag the conversation for a while.Make yourself look trust able and then extract one by one slowly


Keylogging has always been my favourite(Because i coded a few keyloggers :p).This is the most stealthy and easiest way to hack.Once your keylogger has been injected its up to the program to get the passwords that are enetered on a computer.The tricky part of keylogging is "How to inject a Keylogger".But you can always use email attachments or even use something like "Money.exe" as your keylogger.If you want free keyloggers,you can try some of mine or others.

To Download Key Logger

Password Reverting through Primary Email 

There are two ways of doing this.If you have access to your victim's primary email then you can use facebook "Recovery" form to easily send the password to your victim's pimary email.If you don't know your victim's primary email and don't have access to it.Then i would suggest this Hack Facebook by Reverting.I had written that tutorial long time back and I guess it comes of some use now !This technique doesn't need any keylogging or injecting a file.

Hack Facebook Password Recovery

This is also an effective technique if you know your victim well,if the victim is your friend or someones friend then you can quite easily acquire the basic information and probably use this technique effectively the then!

How to hack Facebook Password Recovery

Facebook Phishing Page/ Phishing software

This is the most EASIEST and SIMPLEST way of hacking a facebook account.I don't recommend Facebook Phishing pages anymore as people are not that dumb these days to fall for this trick.But who know's your victim might just beat the record.So try this phishing page "How to hack Facebook with Phishing Page" which i made ages ago.

Apart from Phishing pages,you can also try Phishing softwares which are quite convincing and a lot of people fall for this trick.I have made 2 Phishing softwares for Yahoo and Facebook.Here is a phishing software for Facebook called "Facebook Hacking Software"

Note: Phishing softwares DO NOT actually hack the account.They just mislead your victim in hacking account.Read that article properly before you use it

Stealers / Remote Administration Tools (RATs) / Trojans

These are basically malwares which can be used to extract saved information from the victim's computer.Again for this trick you need a few trojans to use which you can get from Here ( Stealers Tool ) html.All the trojans on that site are free.Once again the major drawback of this method is that you cannot use this technique without injection.

So that's all forks! That's a brief on how you can hack your friends facebook password.Subscribe to this blog for more exciting articles !

Ardamax Keylogge

No doubt this is the most viable and flexible key logger on the internet and almost each and everyone knows that.So it was up to me to check how exactly this key logger is good and what are its main drawbacks.As a programmer i was curious to know why this keylogger is very famous.As you all know you know that i coded my keylogger called 541's Keylogger v7.0 which is again a free keylogger.Without wasting much time let me start off with the very basics.

What is a Keylogger ?

Basically it is a program which allows you to receive data from your victim's computer.This data received will be the key strokes entered by his/him on his computer.

What is Ardamax Keylogger ?

Ardamax Keylogger is a keystroke recorder that captures user's activity and saves it to an encrypted log file. The log file can be viewed with the powerful Log Viewer. Use this tool to find out what is happening on your computer while you are away, maintain a backup of your typed data automatically or use it to monitor your kids. Also you can use it as a monitoring device for detecting unauthorised access. Logs can be automatically sent to your e-mail address, access to the keylogger is password protected. Besides, Ardamax Keylogger logs information about the Internet addresses the user has visited.As soon on Ardamax Site


Email log delivery
FTP delivery
Network delivery
Clipboard logging
Invisible mode
Visual surveillance
Chat monitoring
Application monitoring 
Time/Date tracking 
Powerful Log Viewer 
Small size


These are the main drawbacks that i noted in their coding:

Dropping Of Resources: This keylogger in particular drops a few resources which makes it even vulnerable to detection and hence the Anti Viruses don't hesitate in flagging this file as malware and hence it becomes difficult for your victim to download and run the File

Anti-Virus Detection: As stated above the amount of anti viruses picking up the above is high.This is mainly because of a lot of Public Use of the keylogger and also not a Poly Morphic Logger.

File Encryption: One of the most easiest way to FUD ( Fully - Undetected) your keylogger is to use something called a "Crypter".But I tired crpyting their file but it always ends up corrupted and as a result the encryption is not 100% successful.

Apart from these i didn't find anything wrong with the software.If you want to report any problems.Please post them below I'll see to the problem and let the readers know.

Note:The file which I'm linking to is a free version of this software.Once you like it according to your needs then you might as well buy it but you must have a look at the review above to make sure what exactly you can expect from the keylogger.

Thank You for your time !

Click On Download And 
Wait For 5 Second
After Click Skip This Ad
And Finaly Download Ardamax

File Details:
Download: Ardamax Free Keylogger
File Size: 4.54MB
File Extension: .exe (Application File)

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Apple Wallpapers
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Sahezad Vhora - Mr Lonely

Sahezad Vhora - Mr Lonely
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